President Obama’s Legacy

President Obama’s Legacy

Obama’s legacy will be: 1. A good family man, and example to us all. 2. The First African American President.

However, Obama’s globalist and pro-Muslim poilcies weakened America abroad, particularly in the Middle East. Obama saw himself as President of the world. His lack of understanding of our Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage which made America EXCEPTIONAL and the total opposite of the French Secularist Constitution and the post-Christian Christian welfare state of Western Europe. The Iran Deal cast in stone the financing and continuing of Islamic terrorism in the region for the foreseeable future. His Marxist-Muslim upbringing explains this entirely and exposes his most formative influences. This is dealt with comprehensively in the excellent documentary “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza. 

His economic policies doubled the National Debt, left black and poor people unemployed, and widened the gap between rich and poor. 

He Dived America: This patently used a Marxist/Saul Alinsky methodology which divided black and white, rich and poor, gay and straight, male and female, or any other “identity“ which could be set against each other. 

He moved the Democratic Party and Universities to the far left – from being moderate and being pro-civil liberties to progressive ultra-left intolerant and totalitarian. Democrats now desire to ignore the Constitution using “political correctness” to suppress freedom of speech and religious liberty. Biblical teaching for the first time is seen as “hate crimes” in the USA. Conservatives have been expelled from our universities, now not only as professors, but now even as guest speakers. This makes education a farce without any  rational debate and exchange of ideas. 

He approached immigration and the rule of law by making us a coutry “without borders” and with no respect for the rule of law. If he didn’t like our laws he should have used the proper methods of having legislation passed by Congress of having a Constitutional Amendment if necessary!  This lawless approach spread to other issues. Blacks and minorities did not advance under this black president! The Police are often vilified. Minorities of inner Cities, like Chicago, continue in unemployment and poverty and the vast numbers of black on black murders is possibly the most unreported scandal of this century.

He created the “Deep State” by allowing the DOJ and FBI and IRS to target others of a different political persuasion. This is common in totalitarian and 3rd world countries. This is the beginning of the end of our democratic Republic. 

In summary, he has abandoned the Judeo-Christian and free enterprise basis of the very essence of American exceptionalism. He tried to create a socialist-Marxist welfare “nanny” state where only his best friends (the top 1%) the rich oligarchs in Hollywood and Silocone Valley, multi-national corporations, and his political elites control the money and leave small business, the disappearing middle class and most of us silenced and poor. Continue reading “President Obama’s Legacy”