2017 Ministry Highlights – Dave and Pauline Seivright

We are so grateful to God for an amazing year in 2017. These photos are just a glimpse of all that He has done in changing lives. Of course, there have been challenges as well, but He was, and always will be, faithful and close to us especially during these times. It is impossible to photograph the moments where God intimately changes lives during a one-on-one or small group ministry of “making disciples”.

Yet we are encouraged when those whose lives are being changed show up at ministry events, as well as at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and also at our local churches. Many of those leading BSF groups and active in their churches were either brought to the Lord through this ministry or have been discipled through this ministry, and are now teaching and discipling others. We are particularly thankful for the roles that Martha Alvarez and Edna Lopez have played in evangelizing, discipling, and teaching many of the women whom God has sent to us. We also appreciate Kethe and Janet Cicconi, Edna Lopez, Phil and Jina Nicholas, and others for hosting events during 2017. As we look back over the years, our hearts are full with praise and gratitude to God! Our ministry is sustained by your prayers, please commit to praying regularly for our ministry.


Trip to Israel Jan-Feb 2017:


Taking a Group to Israel, Feb-March, 2017

Serving the Lord’s Supper at the Garden Tomb

Serving Holy Communion at The Garden Tomb

Our Last Dinner in Jerusalem

Jerisalem Dinner 2017


Summer Studies 2017 – Video-Studies with Dr. Stephen Meyer.

Summer Studies 2017


Kitzbühel, Austria – Men’s Retreat for German Ministry, October 2017.

Men's Retreat, Kitzbühel, Austria - October 2017Kitzbuhel 2017

VIEW MORE KITZBÜHEL 2017 RETREAT PHOTOS: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101709539@N08/albums/72157688913525414


THE YOUNGER GENERATION: The Ministry continues through these and other younger men and women including: Yan Ran, Patrick Harrington and Jimmy Hessler.







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